Chase 14 is a full-service construction and fabrication company working with clients in the mining, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Our team has decades of experience working in these sectors across Canada, with expertise in everything from project planning through construction, production, maintenance and decommissioning.

We are actively involved in a wide range of projects on surface and underground, with safety and a commitment to quality running at the centre of everything we do.

Check out our latest projects below.

Agrium Vanscoy

(now operated by NUTRIEN)

Chase 14 provided welding expertise and custom fit-ups for steel fabrication as part of the team that installed an 800-tonne loading pocket at Agrium’s Vanscoy potash mine operation (now operated by Nutrien), around 40km southwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

This expansion project was the largest of its kind, raising the location’s production rate from 1.8 million to 2.8 million tonnes per year. During this three-year project, our team removed the brownfield installation, designed lifting plans for specialty steel, and installed a unique, suspended loading pocket system.

Members of our current team were also part of the headframe and shaft expansion, which included removal of the old shaft steel, fabrication, and installation of new shaft steel.

Prairie Malt

Prairie Malt, located in Biggar, Saskatchewan, 95 km west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, processes some of the best barley in the world. The facility supplies high-quality malt to brewing customers across Canada and around the world.

Members of the Chase 14 team have been working at the Biggar malt facility since its inception. Some of our work at the site has included:

  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and repairs of conveyor systems
  • Piping systems
  • Aeration
  • Steeping (tank modification and installation)
  • Germination
  • Kilning
  • Reverse engineering
  • Custom fabrication

Chase 14 has maintained a lengthy relationship with Prairie Malt as a result of the team’s expertise and quality work. We have been able to work with the client to coordinate maintenance and improvements while the plant was in operation, working around the plant’s production schedule and minimizing downtime.  Working with their team, we have developed solutions that helped them get the job done and innovations that have provided significant cost savings for the client.

PCS Cory

(now Operated by NUTRIEN)

At Cory Potash, about 15 minutes west of Saskatoon, Chase was part of a significant de-bottlenecking and expansion project that increased the facility’s annual production by 1.2 million tonnes to a total of 3 million tonnes.

Chase 14 was awarded this project because we were able to show the client that we could manage the project during mine shut down, a reflection of our understanding of the client’s production goals.

We managed the project by finding openings within the client’s production schedule, minimizing overall downtime.

We installed a newly-designed custom pocket, first refurbishing the existing pocket to accommodate the building work for the new installation.

Nystar Myra Falls

Nystar’s Myra Falls is an underground multi-metal mine located on Vancouver Island, currently in the process of being restarted. Ore includes zinc, copper, and gold (lead-silver).

At Myra Falls, the Chase 14 team is installing high pressure piping, and refurbishing the headframe to accommodate earthquake proofing and a higher rope break-load.

We’re also installing a paste fill line (6.8 km) and providing mining rehabilitation.

As always, Chase 14 is working with the client to accommodate operating needs, assisting with scheduling to help the client achieve its operation goals.

Various Locations,
Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Current Constructability Support for major mining companies

The Chase 14 team has extensive experience providing constructability support at a variety of projects. We use this project management technique to review all construction processes from a project’s start to finish, during the planning phase. Effective constructability reviews ensure that obstacles are identified ahead of time, which prevents future errors and reduces time delays and cost overruns. Our constructability consulting aids in the following:


  • Design and construction compatibility
  • Integration of construction knowledge into planning, engineering, procurement and operations phases
  • Balancing of project goals and environmental constraints
  • Maximal integration of building performance and project goals
  • Team knowledge integration – maximizing knowledge and expertise of all parties involved in a project


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Biggar RM Industrial Park

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